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Your Hope of the Day With Nicole Marie from "The Hair Radio Morning Show with Kerry Hines"

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #883 Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023

Hope is the positive expectation that change can and will occur in our lives so each day I share a Hope of the Day. It's for for all of the fans of The Hair Radio Morning Show. This moment is courtesy of the book called High Hopes by Patrick Lindsey. The Hope of the Day is.. Synchronize with nature, wake with the sun, a jarring alarm. You create so many extra hours in your day, they are golden hours. Some of the most beautiful often stress less hours in the day and It's the best time for reflection or preparation.

Nicole Marie: How do you feel about this Hope of the Day, Kerry?

Kerry: I love it! I absolutely love it and that's what I'm talking about, Nicole Marie. I really mean that about reflection. This is what you've got to do. They are just things that help you along the way each day and I think this is one day. I love that it usually covers a whole lot of ground with this that you share each day. I think it's it's a good thing to do. It's a good habit and I'm just looking here. Okay, I'm feeling that and i think that that is fantastic. What about yourself what do you think? What do you wake up to?

Nicole Marie: I don't wake to an alarm. My body is just used to waking up at a certain time right in the morning. It's quiet, it's calm and I like to get up and do things before my kids even get up. it's just a time you know for myself where i do a lot for myself whether I'm reading. Reflections, just that quiet time and I love that and when you know when it's quiet you can get a lot done

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