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What's the Difference Between Shared Salon Suite Space and Working In A Traditional Salon Space?

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #895 Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

Keisha McAlister, you run and operate Lavender Beauty out in Fairfield, California. What I love about it is that this is a salon suite. And just remind everybody the difference between a salon suite and a traditional, full, big salon. Well, a salon suite is more focused on the by appointment only service to each of your clients. It also allows for the stylist to work with a specialized clientele. This is what offers that clientele, the service and the privacy. The big salon, they're also a lot of fun, but they don't give the privacy that some people need or require. And so that is what has allowed me to serve my clientele for many years on a 'by appointment only' basis. Now, do you get spoiled by not working with many other hair stylists? Do you get spoiled now that you're working in a singular capacity? I don't think so because you still have to work with clients. You're still working with people. And that means you still have to be, you know, on your Ps and Qs about how you speak, how you present yourself, you know, what y 'all talk about, you know, what you listen to. It's still the same experience. So no, you don't get spoiled because it's not to be away from people. It's just now that I offer a different type of service. Well, I'm loving this because I was just thinking as you were saying this and I'm thinking, oh, I'll bet the clients actually would really appreciate that extra little attention.

It's like they get to have the attention really focused on them. Definitely.

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