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Upscale Radio Launch Is Here: Eyes & Ears Rejoice!

Upscale Magazine has been a staple in Black homes for well over thirty years and has no signs of slowing down. The magazine that covers everything from entertainment, beauty, fashion to travel is just one of just a couple of remaining Black printed lifestyle publications that is still available on newsstands. It's something that is not lost on its many intergenerational readers. Well, now a new part of that journey unfolds with the introduction of Upscale Magazine Radio.

Upscale Magazine Radio offers a whole new experience on a whole new level by

presenting original podcast content based on the articles in the popular magazine. That content is incorporated with new stories, news, entertainment and so much more.

Upscale Magazine Radio cannot be an offshoot of Upscale Magazine and not include beauty, hair, fashion, travel and so much more! "Upscale Magazine Radio Network brings our amazing core publication fans along for another part to our long term vision", says co-founder, Bernard Bronner. The launch of the 24-7 Upscale Magazine Radio Network also means that industry partner, Kerry Hines and the entire "Hair Radio Morning Show" will be broadcasting content that delves in to an incredible and exclusive treasure trove of recorded material. It includes over several thousands of interviews along with content that has chronicled the events in and around our community for almost ten years.

Listeners can tune in around the clock at and it is clear they will be hearing so much more than anticipated. Listen out for Upscale Radio Network's new commercial on "The Hair Radio Show" and all of the HaiRadio platforms.


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