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New Interview Streaming On Upscale Magazine Radio:Twinpreneurs Jamari & Jamal Sharp 'Take Over'

Just 24 years old and these incredible young twin brothers have already made a big mark on the world. We're talking about Jamari and Jamal Sharp. They have several different business enterprises and we get the feeling that they are just getting started. Take a listen to their incredible story that's streaming across the Upscale Magazine Radio platforms.

Jamal and Jamari Sharp are twin brothers who have been a pillar in the Pensacola community for the past two years. Jamal is an HBCU graduate who graduated from Florida A&M University, while Jamari Sharp is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. Between the two of them, they own an award-winning production company, supply chain and logistic company, property and vehicle management business, and snoball business. They also have a hand in real estate.

Not only is their shop BAM! Snoballs a staple in the community, but the shop has also been an overnight success. These 24-year-olds have been able to single-handedly scale their business to 2 different brick and mortar locations and a mobile food trailer in less than a year and a half. They also plan to open a Las Vegas location at the top of 2023. While owning and operating this six-figure business, they also partake in many community events and promote economic growth for at-risk communities in Pensacola, FL. They are a part of the Gulf Coast Minority Chamber of Commerce in Pensacola, FL, and hold a position in the 100 Black Men organization in Las Vegas.

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