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Trichologist Talks Traction Alopecia and How to Prevent It: The Hair Radio Morning Show!

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #881 Friday, August 18th, 2023

Delve into the world of Trichology and you see a lot of folks who have experienced hair loss, What do you think? What is the most common type of issue that you treat there in your shop in the way of hair loss? That's a great question, Kerry. There are so many different variations of different conditions that I treat. For the most part, I find that a lot of women are coming into the clinic with Traction Alopecia. Traction Alopecia is just one of the different variations of Alopecia. There are so many but Traction Alopecia is is is when the client has or the actual stylist who rendered the service has caused trauma to the hair follicle, and in some instances it can be reversed. That's if it's caught early enough or they're seeing the early signs. However, if they wait too long, then the follicles can become dormant, whereas it's not reversible. So that is one of the main types of Alopecia. Yeah, that's the number one, and then I'm seeing Androgenetic Alopecia where it's from the genetics, it's hereditary, and then I'm seeing one of the other types that can also lead, you know, to hair loss or standing around the hairline if it's not treated. So again, there's so many different variations, but pretty much those are the most, those are the number one types that I'm seeing. Okay, well and talking about it a bit, especially the Traction Alopecia, is that the one that's identified most with, like, the tight braids and the pulling from the scalp for the tight ponytail type things. Tell us a little bit, what are some of the, that in your experience, some of the common styles that seem to contribute to Traction Alopecia or could lead to it? The type of styling that could lead to Traction Alopecia, of course, is the weaving, the tight braids, chemical damage, you know, over processing of chemical relaxers, which can also cause scarring, wherein, you know, in most instances the hair will not grow back. But for the most part, it's the tight braids, glue, which is definitely a no -no. I wouldn't advise anyone to do the glue -ins, even with the so -called protective methods or taking precautionary measures, you still can cause damage to the follicle


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