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The Vet Talk Radio Show with Michael Hopkins Returns for a 3rd Season

Introducing Michael Hopkins: An Accredited Claims Agent & Veterans' Advocate Extraordinaire

Michael Hopkins, The Vet Talk Radio Show's brainchild, star and program co-creator, brings his expertise as a Accredited Claims Agent to the airwaves. With his in-depth knowledge and unwavering dedication, Michael helps veterans file their claims accurately, ensuring they receive the benefits they so richly deserve.

Celebrating Success: Co-host of The Hair Radio Morning Show

Michael's passion for empowering others knows no bounds! Recently, he took on the co-hosting role on The Hair Radio Morning Show, sharing his insights and wisdom with a wider audience. Now, he's ready to introduce a whole new plethora of topics to the veterans and their families on the new season of The Vet Talk Radio Show.

Informative and Engaging: A Wide Range of Topics Covered

Every week, The Vet Talk Radio Show explores topics that matter most to our veterans and their families. From healthcare challenges and the latest updates to tips for navigating the system and process. Michael and his guests provide invaluable insights and advice.

Join the Conversation: Tune in every Tuesday at 8:30am Eastern

Whether you're a veteran, a family member, or simply a supporter, The Vet Talk Radio Show is for you. Mark your calendar for every Tuesday morning at 8:30am Eastern following "The Hair Radio Morning Show", and be part of the conversation that celebrates and supports our veterans, one story at a time. To Listen/Call-In 516-453-9458 from any telephone.

Celebrate and Support: Join us in Honoring our Veterans

The Vet Talk Radio Show is more than just a radio show – it's a platform that brings together a community dedicated to honoring and supporting our veterans. Together, let's celebrate their bravery and sacrifice by tuning in to The Vet Talk Radio Show. Join us as we share stories, provide resources, and uplift our veterans and their families

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