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The Vet Talk Radio Show's Michael Hopkins Shares the Benefits of the DD-214 for Veterans & Claims

From episode: Excerpt: The Vet Talk Radio Show's Recent Episode

It's that time again to welcome all the amazing veterans and fans of the broadcast to today's show. And Michael Hopkins, please take it away. Wow. Today's show, we're going to be talking about five types of evidence that can be used when filing a claim for veteran's disability compensation. Wow. Okay. Well, I got to let the surprise out of the bag. Of course, we have one of our favorite guest stars to drop in from time to time right here on the Vet Talk Radio Show. You guys know her. She's been with us many, many times and started out as one of the producers right here on The Vet Talk Radio Show. She is my co -star over at The Hair Radio Morning Show. We're talking about the one and only Ms. Nicole Marie, our special guest today on The Vet Talk Radio. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning, Kerry and Michael. So happy to be here. Good morning. Great to have you. Thank you so much. Yes, absolutely. And I want to kind of jump on in. Now this, Michael Hopkins, this is a very interesting topic. I really have to say so again, kind of like different types of evidence, if you will. Oh, very much so, Kerry. And some of them are going to be surprising to a lot of veterans. Talk about surprises today. Yes. Well, I am so excited and can't wait to hear this information from you, Michael. So if you would, what is number five? Well, Nicole Marie, Kerry Hines, number five, we're going to be talking about the DD -214 or any other type of separation document that a veteran receives when they leave the military. When you leave the military, and these documents are so very important. And you know why, guys? They're so important. Why? There is so much information on these documents that can help you with a claim. Perfect examples. The documents, the DD -214 or any separation paperwork, it tells you when you came in the military and tells you when you left. So if you're trying to file a claim and you need evidence to show you were in a certain place at a certain time, guess what? You got dates. It tells you where you were. You don't have to remember. It tells you on the DD -214 will tell you where you were, the exact country you were in, dates you were there, name of the campaign. Sometimes, well, most of the time on your DD -214, it has the ribbons that you wore. If you were authorized ribbons, you were in campaigns, you were in battles, all of that stuff is there. And you can use that when you go to file. You can also use things such as your character of service. Your character of service basically tells the world how you were discharged out of the military. If you were discharged honorably out of the military, there it is right there. The whole world knows. So when you need evidence to show that you were honorably discharged out of the military, there it is. Last rank held. Addresses. Where you lived. There's so much good information on a DD -214 or its equivalent. So much good information on there.

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