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Magi Helena Unpacks the Astounding Astrology of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on "The Hair Radio Show'

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #896 Wednesday, September 20th, 202

You're listening to the all -new Hair Radio Morning Show, and we are on the line with the amazing Maji Helena. Good morning, Helena. Good morning. Good morning, Kerry. It's so great to be here today. Yes, awesome. Well, listen, I want to kind of jump right on in. When we talk about astrology, and I love the introduction that you gave about understanding astrology. Would you be kind enough just to share one last time, just kind of bring everybody up to speed on what we think of when we say astrology or what we should think of? Okay. Well, the very basics or the basic premise is that the positions of planets in the sky make various mathematical relationships to planets on any particular day. If we sort of had a map of the sky on a day, let's call it your birthday, Kerry. If it was your birthday, there'd be sort of a map of the planets on that day. And then if we were going to look at what's going on in your astrology for today, we would look at the relationships between the planets in the sky today and the planets on the day of your birth. And the type of astrology I do, Kerry, it's the only type of astrology that's actually based on scientific and statistical research. It's not based on belief systems. Our way of interpretation and understanding has been validated or verified by research. Love it, love it. Well, listen, one of the big reasons that we wanted to have you on the Hair Radio Morning Show at this time is because we are forever honoring the legacy of the one and only Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And I was hoping that you could take a look and give your ideas on any kind of chart or anything that you wanted to share. What would you like to say today, Helena? Well, I'd love to speak a little bit to Dr. King's incredible astrological birth chart. I mean, when you do look at birth charts from the perspective of scientific astrology, they're very, very clear. But everyone while has gifts in their birth chart, big gifts from God, we all also have some challenges. And not all of us are able to live up to all of our gifts for various reasons. You know, life isn't easy. And what's so amazing to me, one of the many things that's so amazing to me about Dr. King's chart is how beautifully he was able to live up to all of his gifts and face down his challenges. This was a man who did God's work in the world. And he was able to do that through the gifts in his chart and then the personal discipline and the personal honor and the personal integrity that he had as a human being. So when I look at his chart, one of the first things I see is how gifted he was as a speaker, obviously. He was immensely talented, and he had a hunger to communicate his ideas. The way I would express some of this stuff, I would talk about planets rather than talking about zodiac signs, because we don't use zodiac signs in scientific astrology. They just haven't proven to work well enough. But what I'm talking about here with Dr. King's chart, one of the things is I'm going to say a bunch of stuff because it's not going to make a whole lot of sense unless you're a student of astrology, but he's got an amazing iron butterfly of Sun, Saturn, Ixion. Ixion's a planet way out there past Pluto in what's called the Kuiper Belt. And then he's got a Jupiter midpoint and Midas at the fourth corner of this iron butterfly. And people that have complicated and symmetrical geometric shapes in their charts, these are the people that really have the most powerful gifts. And Dr. King's chart is just full of what we call planetary geometry. And you can cherry pick almost anything and see this. You see his dedication to humanity, to all kinds of folks in all kinds of situations. You see his hunger to bring in a better world. And you see that while he was angry, he channeled the anger into trying to actually do things that could work. He channeled the anger into talk of peace and nonviolent protests. I mean, I am so moved by what this man did and what he was able to take, the raw material that God gave him, and the way he was able to use that raw material to make such an incredible contribution to the world.

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