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Longtime Friend, Trucker Ed, Spills Secrets From the Early Days of The Hair Radio Show in Newark!

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #896 Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

It's my great honor to bring back to the broadcast one of the original players in the HairRadio .com story, Trucker Ed. Good morning, Trucker Ed. Good morning, my buddy. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? Well, I'm doing great. One of the reasons why I invited you on this morning is that I want the fans of the Hair Radio Morning Show to get to know all of us, the hosts, the program folks. And I think that the best way to do that was to just talk to the folks who know us best, folks in our everyday lives, when we turn the mic off 9 at o 'clock Eastern and we go about the other parts of our life. And you are one of those members of my extended family. Sure. So I have to go back a little bit. And we call you Trucker Ed, because you've been on the show and our fans know you as Trucker Ed. Well, Ed and I go back decades. Ed, I don't even know where to begin with the Hair Radio story, but you've been there since the beginning. The beginning. Yes, I remember that. What can you share with folks about the early days of HaiRadio? Feel free. Go ahead. Don't give away too many trade secrets. No, that's too many. Take it away. Oh, man. Yeah, I remember us back in the day, like we were in Newark, New Jersey, that's where it all began, down there in Newark. That's right, in the Ironbound section of Newark. Yes. Uh -huh. Yeah. That's right. It really was. It was so much fun back then. And it was a third floor walk -up, if I recall. It was like, I think it was the third floor, second or third floor. It was way up, many steps. And I remember we were doing, we didn't start with the Hair Radio Show, we were doing Center Stage. And we would have on the celebrities like Little Suzie and other local talent. Little Suzie had a big hit record though, back in the day. Yes, she did. Oh yeah. She was popular back then. Exactly. She was popular. And we, uh, Cece Peniston came and brought her manager. Oh, I remember that. Yes, that was the early, early days. Yeah. I was able to shake her hand and everything. Oh my. Yeah. Oh yeah. You remember that? You were, were you at the office when she came? You're kidding. Yeah, I was there. Yeah, I was there when she came. Wow. I can't forget that. Wow. She was so, she was beautiful, still is. Yes. And her manager, quite a nice fellow. And we all were, we, Ed, I don't know if you remember this, but they used to, we, we had our office on the third floor. Next to us were these guys who did the weather. That's all they did. Oh, I remember that. The radio. Remember, they gave me the microphone to use for CeCe Peniston's interview. It was her very first interview with us. It's not the same interview that you currently here with Cece and I playing on The Hair Radio Morning Show, but the very, very first time she ever did our show. And we were all huddled around one mic, literally all huddled around one microphone. I'll never forget it. That was the beginning of Hair Radio, man. That was the beginning of HaiRadio, and she arrived in a big limo. Do you remember she arrived in a big limo? Oh yeah, I remember that. Yeah. That's right. Oh yeah. She was, she was fantastic. I loved it. It was really a great time.

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