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Legendary Celebrity Hairstylist Glen Coco Comes to The Hair Radio Morning Show for the First Time!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I've a very very special guest joining us today for the very first time on our airways This is Glen Coco. Good morning. Good morning and welcome to the broadcast. Hello and good morning. Thank you so much for having me it's nice to talk to you and I I just want to say first of all what took you so long. Now, I want to talk about your legendary career and what's new for you going on these days, as well. So, uh, can you tell us a little bit. I've read some things and I said well, let me just go straight to Mr. Glen Coco, so tell us a little bit some of your highlights that you can share with us this morning. Yeah, I mean I've been blessed to have such an amazing career and work with such a talented individual. It's sort of unfolded by accident. I started hairstyling because of the recession in 2008 and kind of fell into this industry. I knew once I started I always wanted to work with celebrities I saw the hair on tv and in magazines and it was always a goal of mine. So, you know I moved to Los Angeles and pursued it and have been blessed to have makeup artists and stylists and other celebrities refer me to clients. So, that's why my roster is you know what it is today and I'm super blessed and grateful. Absolutely. Now, we have live on the show, Glen Coco. I always have to list them. I always have to list them by most recently so that I can remember but um, Timmy Sweeney who's on Euphoria. He has been a client of mine as of most recently Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Megan Fox Rita Ora, um ShanIe Mitchell. I mean I've been doing this for quite some time now, hair for 10 years and celebrities for about four or five. So, the list has gone long, but those are my most recent. That's a mega list It just reminds me. I always used to chat with people out on the coast as well who? Always work with celebrities like yourself. Just the biggest of the biggest And I've always wanted to know what that must feel like and all of that but you know this is quite an honor for us to have you on the broadcast. So, what do you say to all these stylists who would like to be celebrity stylists. I get this all the time on the show. This is really what the goal is out there in case you didn't know, Really? So what do you say? Yeah, I mean, I think it's it's the same thing I really wanted when I first started in this industry and it's um, you know to to be working with the rich and famous and I think the biggest tip that I can really tell people is continuing education. I think it's one of the most important things you can do for your career I think cosmetology school is such a small part of the grand scheme of knowledge that you really need to know So, making sure that you're investing all of the money that you're making because as a stylist I feel like you make money very quickly and it's very easy to get enthralled in the lifestyle. It's important to take that money and really put it towards continuing education and to make sure that your skill set is what it needs to be. I remember when I first moved to LA and people would refer me to celebrity clients. You know I thought I was prepared and then I got thrown into it. And I didn't have extensions in my kit and I didn't have certain products in my kit that were essential. And I remember this one makeup artist telling me like I'm never referring you to anyone again because you're not prepared to do this You're not that good And so that whole year, I really focused on my craft. I focused on the products that were in my kit. And I focused on getting you know, a well -rounded kit full of extensions and wigs. And I think that's really what made me the hairstylist I am today is really, you know starting. And realizing that I had more to learn,

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