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Kerry's Tried-and-True Advice: "Look for Reinvention"

Updated: Sep 15

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show #885 Friday, August 25th, 2023

I am very excited about where we are and looking back I think there's a lot to be said about reinvention. I really believe that to be the case. I had someone recently just contact me and they were kind of a in a bad way. And a lot of heavy complaining for lack of a better way to say that.. but what I remember was trying to give encouraging advice. It's usually money that's the problem, if we are being honest. The way that I operate, because often a lot of you ask me, Kerry, what do you do in this situation? My advice is always to look for reinvention. Sometimes we hit a wall. I'm probably one of the most creative individuals that I know. If I could say it that way and and so for me you know my worry is that my creativity will kind of stop. I just want to say to reinvent yourself. Sometimes it requires that and that means taking a good hard look behind you. And then don't stay there don't dwell in that space. Look forward and you will find exactly where you need to be.

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