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Hair Loss 101 and Guest Contributor: Hair Radio Morning Show

Updated: Aug 25

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #876 Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

Today's topic is on the subject of hair loss and we'd like to welcome to The Hair Radio Morning Show. Thank you so much Mr. Hines for having me, today. We're glad that you're here. We have a special treat, Darlene Alexander.

She is the vice president of Heavenly Essence Inc. Now they're the creators of Purity Haircare products. They will be hosting with us so a special treat for us and the listeners of Hair Radio. Darlene welcome to Hair Radio. Oh thank you, Kerry for having me here today. I really appreciate it. Well listen we want to jump on in to this very, very big subject and I guess the first thing that we probably want to do is to tell everyone hair loss is so vast and there's so many different parts to it but if we must break it down and start at the beginning and Darlene you can certainly jump on in but I'm think maybe it would be a good idea for you to tell everyone about or what exactly is alopecia and the general topic of hair loss. Okay absolutely alopecia is the medical term for hair loss and it is a very broad umbrella for several different categories of alopecia and many consumers do not realize that and sometimes that is not always conveyed in a very layman's term to them that just because one person has one category the other person may have something totally different or a combination of different types of alopecia. So what I do in my practice I am a doctor of trichology which means I have furthered my education and my level is directly below dermatology and right above cosmetology and barber styling. So I actually get to the root of the problem by incorporating microscopes to give an accurate diagnosis. I look at internal factors as well as external factors which is very, very important to have a regrowth possible at all. Now would you tell us a little bit on what some of those internal factors might be? Some of the internal factors may include nutrition. Now nutrition is a very, very important factor. Other factors could be mechanical such as the type of heat appliances that a person uses, whether it's the flat iron or the curling iron or the waving iron, et cetera. These are also contributors to some of the scalp damage and hair damage that I see on a daily basis. Now how much of this, just to kind of go back a little bit Miss Amerson, how much of this would you say is a real problem? Like say for the general public, do you have any idea how many people are actually suffering with hair loss just overall, just an idea? Yes, absolutely. The latest statistics is over 80 million Americans are affected with some form of alopecia. Wow. Yes. Wow. That is amazing. when you said that you stated about the types of alopecia, now can a person also have two types of alopecia? Oh, absolutely. There can be multiple types of alopecia and scalp disorders that occurs simultaneously. Okay. For example, I've seen cases where they may have alopecia areata, they may have seborrhea dermatitis, they may have telogen effluvium, they may have inflammation of the scalp, erythema, paritis, as well as hair breakage.

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