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Celebrity Stylist to Legend Prince, Kim Berry Tells Hair Radio About Memoir "Diamonds and Curlz"

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #893 Thursday, September 14th, 2023

This is a very, very special interview this morning with none other than the superstar celebrity hairstylist, Ms. Kim Berry.She's also the author of Diamonds and Curlz. And that's Curlz with a Z. So, when you guys are out there Googling it, or going on to Amazon, or picking up the book, you want to search it correctly. So, tell us about this amazing book. Now, I've seen some of the things online. Tell us about Diamonds and Curlz. Diamonds and Curlz is my memoir's 29 years rolling with rock royalty. That's my book. Working for one of the most iconic stars in the world, Prince. I tell everybody this little girl from the hood did good, you know? It was just amazing of how basically our lives were so intertwined, he and I were together. We literally grew up together. And because most marriages, like I said, I outlasted both of his marriages. He was only married for four years apiece. And I outlasted his lawyers, his doctors, his wives. You know, I was there when his mother died, when his father died, when his baby died. I was there for some of the most intricate highs and some of the worst lows of his life. And God chose me to walk alongside this man, you know. I'm telling intimate stories of literally how I was there. Some of the stories were just, it was just he and I, and how we laughed together, how we prayed together, how we ragged on each other's mamas together. It was just the most incredible journey. I'm not telling the stories about book sales and concerts and all that. There's enough of those books out there. I'm telling the more intimate side. Nothing scandalous, nothing salacious. Just literally our everyday life of how I walked alongside one the of most, like I said, biggest names of our time. He created the soundtrack to our lives. You know? And I'm telling the intimate stories, the part that people would never get a glimpse of unless I pulled the curtain back. One of my hashtags was behind the purple curtain and showing people what life was like on an everyday journey with this man.

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