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Ask a Hairstylist: How to Ace Your Hair Consultations for Happy Clients

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #892 Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

You are listening to the All New Hair Radio Morning Show. I'm Kerry Hines with an all new segment of of Ask a Hair Stylist and today and we have our two great hairstylist friends. They're really part of the family here at the Hair Radio Morning Show. You guys know Shivonne Desir. She is the charge behind Roots Rocks Salon out in West Orange, New Jersey, which has just done fantastic things. You guys hear the commercial right here on "The Hair Radio Morning Show". And of course, Keisha McAlliste all the way out in California. I'm talking about Fairfield, California up north. And so it's great to have you guys. You literally have the country between you. I'm real excited. What I love about this is that things might be a little different as you know, regionally, but you guys are on the same page. I appreciate your feedback this morning. It really kind of drives it on home. I think it's your turn, Keisha, on this. Now it's, let's see, a new hairstylist. Her name is Tina from Boston. She writes that she's a new hairstylist and she loves The Hair Radio Morning Show. Of course you do. Thank you. And she wants to know any advice on doing consultations with her prospective clients. Anything you want to share that you can pass along to Tina, who's just starting her career out in Boston, Massachusetts. So, Keisha, do you want to take that? Okay. Well, Tina, welcome to the hair world. It's going to be lots of hours on your feet. You have to love it. Yeah, you have to love it. But when it comes to a consultation and prospective clients, I don't take a client without a consultation. Because not only am I trying to feel that we're going to, you know, our energy's out, but I'm also trying to figure out what this person has been doing with her hair, with their hair, or what their expectation is. I'm finding out if they're on any medications, you know, if they have some sort of, it's just so many things that we need to know. And then also do like a little liability, you know, form to say, you know, if something happens, especially if they have medical issues, because that will change the way your hair even takes shampoo sometimes. So we have to be mindful of how we work behind the bowl. So I would tell her to ask as many questions as possible because there's no stupid question, even if you ask it over and over again, because people have different definitions for the way we speak. You know, they might say, well, and I might say a pit. You know what I mean? It's different the way we communicate in the form or just sitting down and talking to the person. It would really help with that. hat you won't be pleased with the end result.

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