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Ask A Hairstylist: Dry Scalp and Wig Woes? How to Maximize Moisture Hair Radio Show's Expert Tips

The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #895 Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

The first question comes to us from a lady out in Maryland. Her name is Maxine from Maryland. She is out here on the East Coast. She says that her hair is very dry. This is what she writes. She is a wig wearer. That's what she put down. And her hair, she said, is braided underneath. Any steps that you could memtion to get moisture into her hair? Any advice it's dry under the wig. What advice would you tell Maxine? Well, the first thing I would like to know is if this is a daily wig? Is the wig sewn down or is she pulling it off a mannequin head and putting it on every day? You know what? She didn't say. But are you able to address the different scenarios for us today? I can. Sure. For those who are wearing sewn down wigs or what we call, "tacking it down", depending on if it's the lace front or something like that, you should be able to peel your wig up in the back. Oh my. Okay. Wow. I'm just going old school. So, get some hair grease or some oil that you can put on your scalp in between those cornrows, those braids, and then pull your wig back down. Especially if it has the lace front in the front. Now, if you are a daily wig wearer where you just put it off and move on, I happen to be one of those. Like a hat. Yeah. Basically, you put it on like a hat or a beanie. And so that means if she's taking it off and on every night, she's probably wearing some sort of wig cap. Take the cap off, put some oil on your scalp. I suggest if you're able to use any of the nut oil, nut -based oils like an almond oil, those are very, very good on the scalp. People tend to go for coconut oil, but coconut oil doesn't always penetrate scalp. It will sometimes just sit on it and create another barrier on the scalp, which is not helpful at all. So that would be my suggestion. And then my suggestion, if she's a daily wig wearer, take your braids down once a week and shampoo your hair and do a moisture, do a deep condition. That's important. When you're done with it, blow dry it, braid it back, and I'll braid it back down if she's able to do that herself. But that part is very important. Wow. Well, I tell you something, I am just blown away literally by this. No, I really am. That's really good advice. And it seems to me, everything that you said, there was one commonality, and that was that you want to add some kind of moisture in to your scalp. Oh, and drink water. Drink water. Why is that important? Because you need to moisturize from the inside out. And if you're on any type of medication or type of regimen, it's going to change the way your body receives moisture or hydrates. So if you're able to drink more water, definitely drink more water, and you should see a difference. As you moisturize from the top and, you know, hydrate from within, you should start to see a difference in your hair and in your scalp.

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