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Afrolock Magazine Has the Lock on Afro Culture and Emerges with an all-new perspective.

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #877 Thursday, August 10th, 2023

Khadijah, good morning and welcome, welcome, welcome to today's broadcast. So excited to have you with us. Good morning, good morning. I'm so excited to be here. Yes. Okay, so this is the big roll out, Afrolock Magazine. I have to say, you know, folks have been, it's just, it's superseded anything we could have ever imagined, really. I want the folks to kind of get to know a little bit about one of our biggest, biggest parts of this whole project. And that is, Khadijah P. You lead our Afrolock writers the magazine and you've been out there in the hair game. What can you tell us about Afrolock Magazine and your participation? Oh, wow. Well, Afrolock Magazine, like you said, you know, I'm so excited for its launch. I'm so excited for people to, you know, get a hold of these issues that we've been working on. We're going to be talking about black culture, the complexities and the diversities that come along with it. And it's just time that we start having conversations around these things about black hair, you know, our community, you know, fashion, all those things. It's just time that we start having real honest conversations about those things, and I'm excited. Absolutely. Now, I want folks to know, you started out, you've been writing for a while, and you're based out of where, just like in, what area are you in here in the country? Oh, I'm based out of Philadelphia. Oh, my home. Okay. How awesome is that Khadijah! Okay. Ah, that's my original home where I was born. So, yeah. Well, first of all, it's great to have you with us. Now, what are some of the things that we want to be the takeaway for Afrolock Magazine, that's kind of different than what's out there already that you've seen. Well, you know, our tagline is that we have the game on lock, basically. Afro, when we say Afro, we're not referring to the hair, entirely. We're actually referring to, you know, black and the culture, black culture. And so, I just want people to know that, you know, we're making progress in the black community. We want to share positive stories. We want to give insight on hair care. And we just want to stay relevant in the community. You know, like I said, our culture is so complex and it's not diverse. And we just want to provide a platform for our writers and for our community to be heard and celebrated as well. And it's not just for the black community. You know, we want everybody to join in on these conversations to just talk about what's going on in our community and the important role that our community plays in the culture.


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