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A Broadcast Chronicle of Black Culture: The Hair Radio Morning Show Nears 900 Episodes!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

From episode: The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #878 Friday, August 11th, 2023

And we are charging towards one thousand. Exactly, and with that in mind, I was thinking that once we hit number 900, that we would focus on a lot of the classic interviews. There's so many, so many wonderful things that have been said and played on our network that we really have not replayed, and I thought it would be good to go into those vaults, kind of like what Geraldo Rivera did way back in the day, and dig up some of those old interviews and so much content and kind of mine it again, and we air it for you guys. Sure. And we've got, once we get to 900 shows, we are almost there. In a couple days, we'll be at number 900. Probably, I'm gonna give you an idea when, this is August, I'll say by about October, we should be hitting the 900 month at the latest, so September, October. So once we get to 900, which is a lot, just even today, the number 900 is huge. When we get to 900, that means we have 100 exact shows to go, and 100 shows is not a lot. No, it's not. And we're going to count down those 100 shows, and we're going to count them down because once we get to 900, and I said that we would play, go back into our vaults once we got to 900, and really kind of go over some of the things that we covered here from show number one, all the way through show number 900. So this is, it's exciting. Yes, it really is, Kerry. Very exciting. Yeah, I'm very, very pleased. There are no words to say, Kerry.. I mean, we have just pushed that envelope. I mean, to get to 1,000 shows, and just, like you say, even going back, and that's a great idea, going back and just looking at the classic Hair Radio Morning Shows, the big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, minutes here. Right. And, Michael, we have, you know, and I can really say this, the show has been a chronicle of Black culture. We are at, today, show number 878. So each show is three hours. So we are the most prolific of anybody in hair and beauty broadcasting in the world. But what really jumps out at me is that I have been here working in our studio at this desk for 878 mornings. 878 mornings. Wow. With everybody. My alarm goes off at 4. The show starts at 6. And so in the block of that time, I'm preparing my day and yours, looking at what music we'll play, what is the conversations, what's going to drive the conversations to make sure that everybody's days start in the month st positive way possible. And then if that's not enough, we look at some of the biggest news stories. I often think back, you know, when I'm listening to The Hair Radio Morning Show, after we wrap at 9 o 'clock New York time, I go back and listen to the day's broadcast. So, you know, a little later in the morning or early afternoon, I'm washing dishes, doing housework, I'm listening back to the broadcast to see if there was anything we could maybe improve upon or change up or whatever. Right. And sometimes, most of the time, I just love the music that we play in the show and it's just great to hear it pop up again.


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